“NORNS” Scented Tealight candles – SMELLS LIKE SPELLS


Embrace the essence of Destiny’s Embrace Tealight Collection, where the aromatic notes intertwine with the enchanting narrative of Norse mythology, offering a touch of destiny’s magic to your surroundings.

For these handmade soy-wax tealight candles, infused with the alluring fragrance of mangoes, cinnamon, and oriental spices, the intention is to:

  • Magnetize personal luck to your journey.
  • Steer events towards favorable outcomes.
  • Instill confidence in your abilities and inner strength.
  • Ignite inspiration for new challenges, ideas, originality, and resourcefulness.

In the tapestry of Norse mythology, the Norns, akin to the Greek Moirai, are ethereal female beings presiding over the fate of newborns. Beneath the roots of Yggdrasill, the destiny tree, they meticulously craft the life paths of individuals, mirroring the rhythm of pouring water from the Well of Urðr.

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