“FRIGGA” Scented Tealight candles – SMELLS LIKE SPELLS


Immerse yourself in the nurturing glow of the Hearth Guardian Tealight Collection, where fragrant whispers and the spirit of Norse mythology converge to enhance the comfort and security of your home.

These tealight candles, combined with a simple meditation/affirmation ritual, are intended to:

  • Foster harmony within your home and among family members.
  • Shield your home from the influence of anger.
  • Safeguard your sanctuary and loved ones from unwelcome guests and negative thoughts.
  • Invite prosperity and financial abundance.

Indulge in the embrace of tranquility with these handmade soy-wax aromatic tealight candles, crafted for those who cherish the warmth of the family hearth, safeguard their home and family like treasures, and view their abode as an impervious fortress.

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