“FREYR” Scented Tealight candles – SMELLS LIKE SPELLS


Immerse yourself in the essence of Prosperity Bloom Tealight Collection, where the fragrant whispers of magic meet the aspirations for financial prosperity.

The enchanting aroma of these tealight candles, paired with a simple meditation/affirmation ritual, aims to:

  • Open pathways and opportunities for financial abundance to grace your home.
  • Actualize your plans pertaining to the material aspects of life.
  • Strategize for both income and expenses.
  • Safeguard your material wealth from unexpected expenses and the envy of others.

Prosperity Bloom Tealight Collection

Crafted with care from soy wax and infused with a captivating fragrance, these handmade scented tealight candles are dedicated to those striving to enhance their financial well-being. While true financial luck requires effort, struggle, and ambition, a touch of magic can sometimes make a significant difference.

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